Hello, I'm Jeff Wolff

I create websites that are elegant, engaging, and easy to use.

My websites look great on both smart phones and tablets, as well as your traditional computer monitor.

Responsive Design

Who I am

Hello Internet Friend, thank you for taking a look at my little place on the Internet. My name is Jeff Wolffyes that is 4 “F”s–I am from San Diego, California and currently reside there.

I have been professionally designing and developing websites for small businesses since March of 2007. My recent websites are coded using HTML5/CSS3. I strive to create sites that are elegant, engaging, responsive, and easy to use. Check out my About page for more about me and my Internet presence.

What I do

My experience includes HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery. I can turn your design into a usable website according to the latest trends. Responsive design is a new web technology that I am excited about. Try resizing this website and check out how the page responds to the screen size.

Here is a small sample of my work — View my portfolio.

Talk to me

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